Apartment Interior Design with Artistic Touches

This is a very delicate design for a large apartment interior located in Rome, Italy. This apartment interior design, which has been done by Carola Vannini Architecture, is an example of the classy minimalist decorating style. As you see, the design is very luxury and elegant, yet very simple & sleek. The designer depended on white & red in the whole interior design without any interventions of other colors except for wood floors and few black details, which seems logic as most of the minimalist interiors depend usually on the color white to enhance the sleekness of furniture and the purity of the whole look; however, red came here to warm the ambience and give it a little heat to break the coldness of an entire white look. You can notice that the designer may be inspired, besides the minimalist style, by the Scandinavian decorating style which appears in the combination between the white walls & furniture and the wood floors, except that the wood floors here are darker than oak, often used in Scandinavian interiors. We can also notice that the designer wants to reflect the sophisticated simplicity of the minimalist style in every detail; the living room, which looks so comfortable, is also looking so sleek & clean especially with this TV unit that has a very geometric form, the minimalist living room decoration is enriched by red cushions, a round coffee table, and especially a painting on the wall also in red, which is giving the living area a more warm & cozy feeling.

Another red painting is also used in the dining room to add a little energy to this white look enriched by black chairs and a window; the result looks so stylish as the combination between black, white & red is actually so trendy. The kitchen is a pure example of a very minimalist kitchen design; look how sleek and sharp the furniture is, and how clean the lines are …when you see this kitchen you feel that nobody has ever touched it! The kitchen, which is open to the dining room, consists of two major parts: the wall and the kitchen island. The glossy white lacquered kitchen island is equipped with a stove, a double sink, and a large storage space in the bottom, plus, of course, the large surface on top, which can be used as a countertop besides serving as a nice breakfast table or a bar. Behind the kitchen island is the wall that contains everything not in the kitchen island but in a very sleek way; the wall is equipped with large kitchen cabinets looking like big closets, and you can see the very minimalist white lacquered doors that cover those kitchen cabinets behind, which creates a very clean & minimalist look to the whole. The hallway of this apartment design could be the most dynamic place in terms of decoration as it is enriched with red and orange large paintings decorating the wall besides the decorative pieces on the shelves which look very artistic.


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