Selexyz Dominican Church in Maastricht

This place was once a Dominican church found in Maastricht but was then used as a parish then a ware house and many other purposes. But since it is a really huge and historical church, it was finally seized in the right way. This huge church was converted into an amazing modern bookstore; Selexyz. Selexyz is a large chain of bookstores in Netherlands, and taking this place was a really smart idea. The bookstore in this church has a modern design; the place is perfect for reading, and includes books concerning all subjects. The bookstore consists of three levels, where books are stacked in an amazing order, and you can find seating places to read whatever you want. To make this place really enjoyable, a coffee shop is also found so that you can have a drink while reading your book. The whole design is really great and organized, and you’ll definitely love it.

Source: stylisheve

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