Island retreat In New Zealand

New Zealand-based fearon hay architects have created the ‘island retreat’ seated within a protective saddle facing hauraki bay. Stemming from the essence of camping, the private getaway residence is broken up into individual free-standing structures that serve separate functions containing a living area, studio, bedroom, swimming pool and central courtyard, each with their own isolated mechanical systems. A steel frame supports a catenary roof embedded in concrete, tensioned to the ground with exposed cables, reminiscent of a tent assembly. large operable glass panels wrap around the perimeter as semi-permeable walls for varying levels of communication to the outdoors while perforated aluminum screens provide shading.
Stone-clad volumes contained within the program, subdivide the spaces within each component as additional layers of isolation and protection. The rough exterior material palette is offset by the warmth of the hearths, a leather sofa embedded into the polished floor plane, the calm water of the elevated pool, the fabric drapes and natural wooden furniture. Heating is provided in large part through thermal mass while solar panels generate electric energy during the day. together with rainwater catchment and an on-site greywater management mechanism, the house greatly reduces its impact on the grid.

‘island retreat’ by fearon hay architects, waiheke island, new zealand
image © patrick reynolds
all images courtesy of fearon hay architects

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