10 Charming Living Room Design Ideas

The spanish interior design magazine mi casa revista is a true inspiration and just picked out these 10 Charming Living Room Design Ideas to see. Take a look at these fabulous living room designs.
Interesting and beautiful combination of a classic bergere armchair and a modern sofa. Dynamic, elegant and fresh living room design. Love it!

Fresh and modern, pistachio green living room design.

A very warm living room design.  The winding stairwell, the frame of the window and the wall of natural stone are the true protagonists of the environment. A vintage suitcase as side tale, sofa and iron table by Ikea. The leather chair is an antique piece that was recovered.

Fresh, feminine living room design.

The dark color of the wall highlights the antique furniture.

Red and white living room design.

A library under the stairs and classic furnishings. This purple sofa is fabulous! Love this living room, looks so cozy and welcoming!

Deep turqoise living room design with interesting color contrast.

The landscape was integrated into the living room through the windows.

Spacious purple living room. Particular strong retro pieces are mixed with antiques, old furniture and artwork to give a unique personality to both the living area and the dining room.


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