Great Small Living Room Designs By Colin & Justin

A great collection of small living room designs by Colin & Justin. Colin & Justin are Scottish interior designers and television presenters.
At present we’re working on new ideas in Canada where we recently bought a downtown Toronto penthouse. We’re also getting used to being back in Britain after our exploits on ITV’s ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ and have just completed 24 episodes of ‘The Sixty Minute Makeover’, also for ITV. The premise? Three rooms transformed in precisely one hour. Sounds crazy, perhaps, but it’s all in the choreography and of course careful pre planning! It’s a wonderful show with which we’re proud to be associated.

Gold accents are perfect with pink.  the Hicks inspired wallpaper is a joy and a perfect compliment to that gorgeous wall hung gel firepalace.

 Dolly dimple, pure and simple. Hey; minimum input, MAXIMUM visual return. Painting the stone chimney breast provided immediate relief while the addition of mustard walls elicited a calm, relaxed feel.  We simplified furnishings by specifying a creamy white sofa and slipper chairs, then detailed the entire scheme with black accessories. We hung Ikea LACK shelves in the regular manner but chopped another into sections to form upstands. For us, it is all about looking at standard kit with keener eyes. A faux zebra rug and a graphic monochrome blind became perfect finishing details. And so it came to pass that another flatlining room breathed once more…

Wallpapering in mid tone golden beige added atmosphere and the rest oif the transformation came via detailing woodwork in black and by thickening cornice by adding a small timber inlay and then painting it all white. Sometimes the biggest transformations come with the smallest spend! Curtaining and cushion covers were hooked out from a consignment store and cost a grand total of $80!!! Not a bad piece of work, eh, all things considered!

Purple, while potentially a very dominant colour, is beautifully restrained by the addition of white.

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