How to Give your Old Chair a New Look

When furniture gets old, that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be changed. If your furniture is made of good materials and still solid but you are bored of its old look, you can give it a new look instead of changing it. As we presented to you before helpful ideas to renew your old dressing table, this time we offer you very creative ideas to give your old chair a new decorative look using easy tips and cheap materials. A simple note can change the look of your old chair? Indeed, a simple note that could be a funny word or a name will personalize your chair and give it a specific character. Cut your own word in cardboard and use paint brush or spray to reveal the word on the chair. To change the look of your chair, you can simply change the seat using seat cushions; they are usually tied by ropes to fit the chair perfectly.
To give your chair an original style, you can opt for chair socks! Yes, there are now special socks made to cover the chair legs in different colors & styles to customize chairs very easily. Recently, the trend in chair decoration is the bi-material chairs; that means a chair that combines two materials in its design like wood and metal, metal & bamboo…etc. If you paint part of your old wooden chair in white, for example, you will give it a very trendy look and a stylish Scandinavian style. Similarly, you can totally change the color of your chairs with paint. Opt for an original color that will brighten up your home like delicious pink or hot yellow.
To create a small decorative detail on your chairs, think about jewelry. Indeed, why not dress up the leg of a chair with a nice bell or simply tie a pretty ribbon liberately. What if we change the comfort of a classic chair by adding a cushion? Not just will the chair be more comfortable, but you will seem more decorative if you choose the cushion in a colorful pattern. To change the look of your chairs in a blink of an eye, you will find many chair covers in decoration stores. The choice of colors and forms is almost endless. To give your chair a unique style, play with a big fluffy blanket or sheepskin to cover the entire chair. This idea is also ideal to give your chairs a winter decoration.


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