Luxury Penthouse in New York with Spiral Slider Inside

If you seek luxury, nothing can stop you. Even when you think of totally nonconventional ideas, everything seems possible. This post shows you a nonconventional idea of a luxury penthouse in New York that includes a spiral slider inside of it between two floors to be used instead of stairs, yes a slider! Penthouses are usually designed and decorated in a fancy way; they are mostly owned by rich people and give you the best views of the whole city, but what’s the point of all of this if you don’t infuse some extra luxury and go off limits! This penthouse was amazingly decorated in a soft, luxurious and simple way that makes it really comfortable, and a quite good space is available to embrace the presence of a slider from the upper level to the lower one. The design of the slider is great; it is carefully designed for safety and is made of metal to resist weights and be strong, and glass surrounds the space to make it easily viewed and give it a chic look.

Little furniture is used to make the space spacious and elegant, just the necessary pieces like a dining set, arm chairs for relaxation, and sofas. The whole apartment is painted white to make it bright and neat, and even the colors of the furniture used alternates between white and grey to complement the soft style. The slider makes descending to the lower level fun and innovative, instead of just using the regular stairs. The bedroom is marvelous; it comes in white and grey while a yellow accent is present through outlining the room and adding a yellow pillow. The bathroom is simple but sufficient; it includes a double sink vanity, a bathtub, and a toilet. Glass was the main material used for windows to make the penthouse naturally lighted and bright to see the splendid view of New York City.

Source: stylisheve

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