Modern House Design Ideas Slovenia

What will you say if you are look the modern design of slovenian house? The contemporary design idea is very perfect and looks elegant. I wonder, this is very hard thing to create the design like this style. But, don’t you want to decorate your home with these models? I think this story can make an inspiration for you.

Bevk Perovic Arhitekti has drifted from custom in their design for House SB, an inhabited house on the outer edge of Ljubljana, Slovenia. What characterize this contemporary home is it two divide boxy quantities, partly covering and surrounding a miniature garden area. This modern home look likes unapproachable at original look. It is elegant and conceptual frontage boasts minimum feature.

The road frontage of this home is dressed in larch wood planks, offering the homeowners confidentiality from the road, which runs comparatively close to the home. But this house design ideas is pretty open when viewed from inside. The contemporary interior skins big windows opening on the beautiful back grounds. This simple 190m2 home puts the bedroom space on the lower main floor, where calm and silence is king. An open-concept loft part on the second storey is a brilliant light-filled room.


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