Gallery-like Penthouse in Yorkville, Canada

Toronto-based studio Cecconi Simone have done it again, this time with the Yorkville Penthouse project. Located in a district in Dowtown Toronto, Canada, this gorgeous apartment is the perfect place to call home. The apartment is located on the top floor of a new, hi-rise condominium in Yorkville and it is also a warm and welcoming place to land.

The clients wanted an urban and less car-dependent lifestyle, so this 4300 sqf contemporary penthouse seemed perfect. The space was exactly what the architects wanted, a blank canvas which they can tailor to the clients’ needs. The result is a beautiful, modern home with a semi-open-plan, with fluid yet distinct private and public areas.

The architects created a superb gallery-passage which is clad in white glazing panels and contrasting the walnut floor tiles. An interesting screen was commissioned by Ken Gangbar, that delineates the gallery-passage and living area. What’s more the expansive living area presents a double-sided fireplace which is the focal point of the room.

All in all, the Yorkville Penthouse is a great place to entertain family and friends. With its sleek kitchen, gorgeous gallery-passage, lovely bedroom with his and hers en-suites, this home is a dream come true. A sanctuary to retreat to, this apartment will leave you speechless. What do you think?

Extraordinary Penthouse in Stockholm by Tailwind

Besides Humlegården, Tailwind has done this extraordinary penthouse of international standard with 261 sqm living space.

The owner has the possibility to extend the duplex portion of the apartment and that would give it a living space of 301 sqm. This apartment has been done in a minimalistic style of the highest standard and comes with 84 sqm of glass windows, 14 skylights, 5 dormers and a large balcony. The whole apartment has an open plan with 90 sqm of kitchen and living room, combined. It’s accessible through the elevator straight to the floor and directly to the right there is a modern staircase leading up to the second floor. Other than the open living room kitchen area there are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

The kitchen has cabinets designed by Antonio Citterio combined with appliances from Gaggenau. In the ceiling, spotlights from Flos has been hooked up as well as a built in speaker system from Lindh and all the floors are equipped with floor heating for a pleasant winter. The large living-room area with up to 6 meters to the ceiling and it has been fitted with a concrete fireplace. This extraordinary penthouse offers a spacious accommodation with a absolutely amazing view over Stockholms city rooftops.

VIA Skeppsholmen

Bright and elegant apartment with two balconies in Sweden

Located in Vasastaden, this apartment has a very light and elegant design. It features 3 meters high ceilings and large windows with deep niches and this allows lots of natural light to get through, making the interior very bright and airy. The interior décor itself is rather simple. The walls and ceilings are white and the wooden floors also have a light finish but there’s still a balance between the cold white and the warm brown as well as between the textures found inside.

The apartment still features some of the original elements such as the flooring, the stucco, ceiling medallion, the moldings and the paneled doors. Another beautiful element that has been preserved is the original fireplace. It has an elegant design and many beautiful details. Another great thing about this apartment, this time from a structural point of view, is the fact that it has two balconies. It also benefits from a wonderful location, close to restaurants, galleries and cafes. Internally, the apartment features a spacious living room and a separate dining area with a west-facing balcony. The dining room can also be used as a bedroom and features a rounded outer wall.

The kitchen is spacious and has large windows and a balcony overlooking the courtyard. There’s plenty of space there for a dining table as well. The bedroom also faces an enclosed courtyard and this allows it to be a quiet and relaxing space. It’s large enough to accommodate a double bed and to still have room for a work area. With a total of three rooms, a spacious kitchen and two balconies, this apartment would make a perfect family home.

Tiny apartment with an airy and stylish interior

A 39 square foot apartment is not nearly what anyone considers to be their dream home. Nevertheless, it’s a perfectly nice home and, when nothing else is available, it can be transformed into a really cozy and beautiful space. This apartment is the perfect example. Even though it’s tiny, it’s not as cluttered and small as you might think.In fact, the apartment seems airy and very inviting.

The secret lies in the interior décor. It’s important to know how to intelligently use the space you have available and to make the most of it. A tiny apartment can be a very lovely home and that depends on how you use the space and what type of furniture you include in your design. In this case, for example, in order to at least create the impression of a larger space, the walls have been painted white throughout.

In addition to that, the large windows let in lots of natural light and this contributes to an overall airy and bright décor. Also, some of the furniture pieces are white as well as this maintains a continuous and coherent image. As for the style, the furniture and the décor in general are simple. The lines are clean and lack complicated patterns, the colors are harmoniously combined and not numerous and there’s a sense of openness in all the rooms.

It’s mostly because there aren’t any robust pieces of furniture and everything has been kept to a minimum. For example, the bedroom lacks a dresser and instead it features wall-mounted hooks. A bed and a cozy chair complete the room.In the living room, the storage problem was solved with the help of open shelves, stacked like the steps of a ladder. The decorations are few and they’re also simple. Each room has a subtle focal point. For the living room, that can be considered the beautiful Butterfly chair while the bedroom focuses on colorful pillows.

Beautiful black and white décor in a small apartment

When you have a small apartment, you feel that the small size is problematic and complicated enough and you try to avoid overthinking things when decorating the place. Sometimes a great way of maintaining a clean and simple décor in a small apartment is to keep the color palette as restraint as possible. A black and white combo is a classical, popular and always great choice.

When you only reduce the décor to only two colors everything becomes simpler and clearer. It’s easier to imagine how everything will look like in advance when you only have two colors to worry about. When those colors are black and white, the décor and the atmosphere become even more classical and chic. This apartment, in spite of being small, has an airy and discreet look. This classical and always beautiful combination of colors was used to create interesting contrasts but also to maintain a sense of simplicity.

It would be easier to consider this a white apartment with black accents. The walls and ceilings are white throughout and this provides a crisp and bright background for all the furniture and decorations. In the living room, for example, there’s a very nice balance between white and black furniture. The black and white striped rug combines the two main accent colors and it also matches the decorative cushions from the sofa. For diversity, different patterns were also included in the mix.

The kitchen is mainly white but it has a black and white striped rug similar to the one in the living room, a detail that created continuity between the decors and an overall cohesive look. The balcony is the only portion of the apartment where the black and white combo has been abandoned in favor of a more earthy look with exposed bricks matching the color of the surrounding buildings.

Via: HomeDesignLove.Com

Small but bright Scandinavian apartment

With small apartments there’s often a problem when decorating the interior. Since there’s not much space available, these apartments tend to be dark and crowded. It takes talent and creativity to solve that problem while also making the apartment functional. I this case we have a tiny Scandinavian apartment that only has one room.Luckily that one room was a very large space and this allowed the designer to divide it into different corners and several separate spaces. The apartment is also bright and airy.

That was possible because of all the clean and simple lines. Everything inside is simple and yet cozy. The crisp white walls are also very helpful in this case. They are a simple trick used in small apartments and it helps create the impression of a larger space.

As for the furniture, it’s clean and simple, with sleek designs and chic lines. There are no unnecessary elements in there. Of course, simple doesn’t mean austere. The apartment also features several beautiful art pieces framed and placed on the walls. The colors f the décor and furniture have been kept to a minimum, except for the pictures on the walls and the accessories. Overall, the apartment is bright and airy but also inviting and cozy.. It had a décor that makes you forget how tiny the place is. {found on homedesignlove}.

Apartment in Sheridan/Kalorama by FORMA Design

In this 1000sf 2 bedroom one bath 5th floor flat in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, DC, the client- (himself an architect and avid scuba-diver)- asked FORMA to think out-of-the box; to create an open plan solution maximizing the natural light, improving on the layout and functionality of the space and creating the envelope to display his art collection and a way to share his underwater photography with his friends.

The result is a multi-functional entertainment area bathed in light, with the custom concrete fireplace surround flanked by sycamore millwork and a flat TV monitor for the scuba-diving slideshows on one end facing the matching concrete kitchen counters and sycamore upper cabinets in the kitchen area, turning the space from a series of smaller rooms into an open entertainment area.

The small Master Bedroom and second guest/study room were combined into a magnificent Master Bedroom/study suite, enjoyed by the client year round, that allows for the possibility of being subdivided into two private sleeping areas when a guest stays over. The project was published in TRENDS-Home & Renovation in the Fall of 2007 and received a Silver award for residential interior design from the International Interior Design Association (IIDA).

Via:  FORMA Design