Fantastic drawings by Jennie Ekström

In India ink, acrylic, pencil and plywood Jennie Ekström creates a fantasy world of her own where children, strange birds and middle aged women reside in an overgrown fairytale garden. Jennie lives in Enskede where she is working as an Illustrator and artist. The exhibition takes place at Linnman Gallery. Don’t miss it if you’re in the neighbourhood.

About me and my work…
For this show I decided to realize an idea I’ve had for a long time. That was to use many of my old drawings and give them life in a much bigger format and in new constellations. I also like to use different types of materials, and had been thinking about drawing on plywood. The result of that work is what I show here at Clarion. I like the whole idea of the plywood changing over time, thus making the whole picture change with it!I find inspiration in everything from old pictures, childhood-memories or pure imagination… to the chair I sat on having coffee this morning. Often, I randomly put the drawings together without a clear idea of how it will look in the end. I like the unexpected result and how the pictures together seem to tell a story. It can also start with a penciled leaf, turning into a forest. That process is very exciting and funny, to see what becomes of a simple line on a piece of paper… or wood.I’m 36 years old and was raised in Jönköping in the southern parts of Sweden; I now live and work in Gamla Enskede here in Stockholm. Thanks for your time and I hope you will enjoy my pictures! 
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