Furniture Collections that Act as Storage Space

We’d love to share some multifunction furniture ideas that will help solving your space problem. There are lots of sofa and chair collection that also play role as book and magazine storage. The first design comes from Fishbol and is dubbed the Bookset. This modern furniture combines chairs and bookcase into one and is designed in simple shape. Made of Canadian birch plywood, the chair is complemented with a felt cushion in customizable colors. The chair is presented in perfect curve that look very comfortable.

The next model is the Book lounge chair and stool that are finished by Jean-Francois d’Or for Jongform. This creative furniture has small space in the junction between the seat and backrest that is very functional to locate books and magazines. This cozy chair is very soft and ideal for lounging while reading your favorite novel or magazine.

Designed by Daisuke Motogi Architecture studio, the below armchair is exhibited on DesignTide Tokyo 2010. This creative armchair is ideal for any living room and is very beneficial to keep your TV remote control, books, cell phones and anything else. You can simply put those things in between the upholstered cubes form of the armchair. This cozy armchair can also hold flower vase or cup.
[photos by: Takahumi Yamada]

The below space saving furniture is designed by Remy van Oers in association with Coolen/AttrackZ. Comes from the Reading Furniture series, this contemporary collection contains reading chair, reading table and also reading lamp. This modern furniture is exhibited on Dutch Design Week 2010 and looks very ideal for complementing every living room or library area. Each of the collection is made of natural wood and cozy upholstery for providing a great comfort for you.

Produced by Younes Duret, this comfortable sofa is dubbed the Ransa. The sofa is completed with book storage below the seating area. The creative design of the Ransa make it looks like levitate above the books. This cozy sofa can be complemented with several soft cushions to make it even more comfortable.

The last design comes from Swedish design students, Emma Nilsson, Johanna Westin and Lisa Frode. This sofa is inspired by an old and traditional kitchen sofa that is usually seen in Sweden homes. The sofa is complemented with several storage solutions, such as at the back of the bench and under the seat. This functional bench is made of Swedish pine with elm wood details that look very stylish. We hope those furniture design will inspire you.


Furniture Design La Bande by Sarah Loygren

Many people now are looking for the modern modular furniture design for their home interior decorating ideas. We presented some interesting ideas about contemporary minimalist lounge furniture named La Bande designed by Sarah Loygren. Beautiful design developed in comparison with Franzi Kohlhoff. This modern lounge furniture splits up into two independent sections at one end of the bande, whereas the longitudinal split and the elasticity of the material permits the two sections to bend separately to form space. Both the sections of the bande are hooked into a slot in the base that provides stability of the furniture to rest the users in utmost comfort. This minimalist furniture design that can be suite with any modern and luxury house interior decor. Here it is best sample modern modular lounge furniture design pictures gallery for our inspiration.

PEANUT B. Sofa Design by Mauro Lipparini

Collection of midular units that can be combined as required, with three types of pouf that can further personalise each configuration; the feather filling makes it particularly soft and the wide choice of removable covers in fabric or leather  “dress” it with elegance.

Manufacturer: Bonaldo
Collection: BNL Living
Product designer: Mauro Lipparini
Product origin: Italy
Room types: Living room

Modern NUVOLA sofa by Bonaldo

Nuvola units can be freely combined to create different and personalised combinations, always providing maximum comfort. The outstanding feature of Nuvola is the way in which its personality can be determined through the wide choice of covering in cotton, in chenille and in linen mix of elegant and trendy shades. Leather covering is also available. In the fabric version, the cover is fully removable.

My Beautiful Backside Sofa by Moroso

My Beautiful Backside Sofa by Moroso. After their presentation of the Charpoy collection and their immediate ascent to international star status, Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien continue their partnership with Moroso in the shape of two new products, My Beautiful Backside and Princess. Like Charpoy, these display a fusion of two worlds, India and Europe.
Nipa and Jonathan have this to say about their new design:
“My Beautiful Backside is a collection of seats whose backrests are a composition of highly coloured, floating cushions in various shapes. The wider your seat, the more cushions you can have. Our use of oversize symbols, such as the buttons on cushion backs, is a way of conveying a variety of messages. These symbols also provide a means of customising each chair, making it unique, just as you would add little distinguishing touches to an article of clothing. We used a new wool fabric designed by Giulio Ridolfo for Kvadrat. We teamed it up with felt because it’s a combination that reminds us of old-fashioned clothes with stiff starched collars. We also designed a new daybed, called Princess, with layers of mattresses. The top mattress is covered with a composition of different objects and since they draw inspiration from a modern princess they’re embroidered in gold and silver”.

My Beautiful Backside has a lacquered wood base frame with large cushions fixed to it to form the backrest. The cushions are covered with Indian textiles and decorated with very large, extremely beautiful buttons. Fabrics include silk and cotton and a Kvadrat wool cloth designed by Giulio Ridolfo which is woven like an Indian silk, the warp and weft are of two different colours.

Chic & Practical Side Tables for the Living Room

Whether it’s a side table or an end table, small tables are still very useful in the living room. Not only can they help you to complete your coffee table when you need more space but can also stand near the sofa to accommodate books and remote controls. We have selected for you 10 charming side table models that are both practical & elegant for your living room. To keep on simplicity while focusing on a minimalist design, choose a small table in white metal; Ideal for a couple of books or a drink. If you are looking for a very unique side table, you can choose a real log of wood. Rather heavy, it will move less easily than a table but will fit right in at the end of the sofa and will give your living room decoration a very distinguished look. To stay in the tones of wood but with a more practical design, you can choose this square table that can serve as both stool and table. Its wood look recalls the seaside decorating style which makes it very suitable for a living room design inspired by nature. For minimalist living rooms, the focus is on very sleek side table designs with sharp lines and geometric shapes; it can be as simple as possible, however, it can also have an ultra-modern shape. Minimalist side table designs are usually made of metal in different finishes including lacquered and matt. If you like to add very original furniture to your interior, there are now many innovative side table forms; the model with curved metal legs in tangy colors looks so unique. Your side table can also take the form of an original stool that will look like a sculpture in your interior; smaller than a traditional table, it will be easier to move. Know that the metal does not adapt to the industrial style only; a side table in very bright metal will match with a feminine living room style. Finally, so that your end table is both up-to-date and practical, you can opt for a hi-tech side table design with integrated LED lighting that will illuminate your living room while providing a space for some decorative accessories.