Modern House Design Ideas Slovenia

What will you say if you are look the modern design of slovenian house? The contemporary design idea is very perfect and looks elegant. I wonder, this is very hard thing to create the design like this style. But, don’t you want to decorate your home with these models? I think this story can make an inspiration for you.

Bevk Perovic Arhitekti has drifted from custom in their design for House SB, an inhabited house on the outer edge of Ljubljana, Slovenia. What characterize this contemporary home is it two divide boxy quantities, partly covering and surrounding a miniature garden area. This modern home look likes unapproachable at original look. It is elegant and conceptual frontage boasts minimum feature.

The road frontage of this home is dressed in larch wood planks, offering the homeowners confidentiality from the road, which runs comparatively close to the home. But this house design ideas is pretty open when viewed from inside. The contemporary interior skins big windows opening on the beautiful back grounds. This simple 190m2 home puts the bedroom space on the lower main floor, where calm and silence is king. An open-concept loft part on the second storey is a brilliant light-filled room.


Concrete Wallpaper Collection by Tom Haga

Concrete Wallpaper Collection by Tom Haga.
The Concrete Wallpaper collection is the result of photographing raw and refined  concrete walls, raw cinder block walls and even grafitti, in locations across Norway. The imagery used in this unique wallpaper is based on high-resolution photography and custom manipulation. No pattern is ever repeated, something which results in a very realistic finish and Scandinavian design at its best.

100% Chocolate Cafe by Wonderwall

Interior designer Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall Studio has designed the 100% Chocolate Cafe in Tokyo, Japan.

Project description
100% Chocolate Cafe. opened its second shop at Tokyo Solamachi, located in the new Tokyo landmark, Tokyo Sky Tree. The café features an open kitchen where visitors can watch the process of sweets being made through a display of glazed boxes containing ingredients of 56 different types of chocolate, creating a tempting atmosphere of a “chocolate kitchen” similar to the first 100% Chocolate Cafe. in Kyobashi. This second café has an in-store goods shop and takeout counter just outside the café. The systematical display of sweets and a variety of original items are combined with an easy-to-view, easy-to-buy layout, enhancing the overall accessibility.

Design: Wonderwall
Photography: Nacasa & Partners

Reading Books and Home Library Areas

Reading books and home library areas are the perfect place to kick back and escape from the real world with a work of fiction, or to huddle down and study those textbooks. However you’d like to use your book nook, this compilation should hold some inspiration on how to make the most of your little–or large–library.

Via Andre Rosh
If you don’t have enough floor space to dedicate a large area solely to your reading place, then how about just one chair? This rack chair is a quirky way to hold your reading material close at hand without encroaching on the rest of the room.

Via K-Kvadrat
If you have a small corner to dedicate, a comfortable chair by a bookcase is the obvious solution, but don’t forget the overhead task lighting to prevent eyestrain.

Via Perseverance

There’s nothing like snuggling up next to a roaring fire with a good book!

Via Alexander Dzivnel

Via Wix

Via William O’Brien JR
Remember to choose a calm area of the home to allow you to concentrate–this setup next to a serene garden is just blissful.

Awkwardly shaped and sized spots lend themselves perfectly to the function of a book nook. All you need is a comfy place to park yourself and some clever bespoke shelving to house your book collection.

Via Arie K 

Via Tofree

By Vitaly Svyatyuk

Via Emonimo

 Via Romi3d  | Source: home-designing

French Farmhouse Restored into Luxury Home

Heather Depuis and her family relocated to Brittany, in France, in 1999, where they set up home in a traditional longere (farmhouse). Heather oversaw the complete restoration of the property as well as its interior design. The use of vibrant colour was integral to her scheme and the look is strongly influenced by the colours and style seen in the houses of Provence.



Black and White Contemporary Interiors Design Ideas

Black and White Contemporary Interiors Design Ideas is collected by us from around the world. When you use black and white color for your interior design can create awesome decor. Black and white contemporary interiors design which really brings attention to those vintage danish modern.

You can use this simple color for your living room, modern small kitchen, simple bedroom, bathroom and many more. Black and White Contemporary Interiors Design combination works because simplicity is beautiful and the proportionate and balanced usage of colors is enough.
For some people black and white is both modern and classic. Black and White Contemporary Interiors Design is crisp and clean and many consider it sleek and modern. If there’s room, a piano, with its ebony and ivory keys, makes a great focal point. Consider white tile or carpet  with a black leather sofa and chairs. so enjoy this 40 Black and White Contemporary Interiors Design image gallery.

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