Colorful Kids Room Interior Decor Ideas

Do you struggle with introducing color to your kids rooms in a tasteful way? This is often the problem when creating rooms for youngsters, as it can be tempting to throw on a crazy wallpaper or litter the area with oversized posters, or to incorporate a whole host of clashing furniture pieces in an attempt to make the space a fun place to hang out; the result can be a confusing headache that doesn’t really please anyone. This bag of décor tricks for trendy bedrooms might just be the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

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Ticking all the color boxes are these unisex rainbow inspired rooms, the perfect place to dream about finding that pot of gold!

Using slighting more pastel shades, this room incorporates a menagerie of color whilst not appearing overbearing.

Above 4 via Shulga

To play it safe when introducing color how about keeping the majority of the backdrop monochrome, that way you can introduce other hues gradually and it will be easy to see where to stop.

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This fine art inspired room is a gorgeous idea for creating a more cultured space for your young ones.

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If comic art is more their style though, how about a carefully placed wall mural?


10 Kitchen Ideas Using Brick Walls

I love those old NYC houses with exposed brick walls! Brick walls in kitchens can be used as inspiration for your decorating scheme, no matter what interior design style you gravitate toward. You can create an eye-catching brick accent wall with thin brick veneer. Brick veneers can improve the look of your kitchen and, with proper consideration, can be put up by most do-it-yourselfers.
Check out these 10 Fab Kitchen Ideas Using Brick Walls!

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Cool Baby Nursery Design Ideas

French company Vertbaudet specialize in different product for kids and their rooms. Among their products are different elements of decor and furniture for baby nurseries too. To show them to public they designed several different nurseries which I find very cute and attractive. Even if you won’t buy their furniture you might use their ideas to make your baby nursery perfect. Enjoy their designs, I hope they will provide you with some interesting and cool ideas.

Source: DigsDigs

Cool Desks For Kids

Before school starts, it’s time to prepare a desk corner in the kids’ room so that children can start their school year in the right mood. To help them get to work, choose desks in funny & joyful designs that attract kids. To help you choose the best desk for your child, we selected for you a collection of the cutest and most creative desk models for kids; check them out. If your child is still young and spends more time drawing and coloring than doing homework, you can bring him a nice small table with one or two chairs in matching colors. It will be better if this small table is adorned with cute motifs to complete the adorable mood in your kid’s bedroom. If you choose to install a small table to prepare your child for his future study desk, you can make this small table a more creative space by putting his disposal pencils, pens, and everything needed for drawing. Your child will then get used to sitting in this place, and will consider it as a place for fun.

If it’s not easy for you to buy a study desk for your child, you can opt for a countertop and place it in a suitable place in the room to create a nice and comfortable study place for your child. And to give this work plan a cool look, accessorize it with toys and utensils in funny characters and joyful colors to please your child. For your young girls to write their cute secrets in their diaries, you can offer them a real lady office inspired by the classic secretary with small drawers for accessories. Choose it in soft colors and delicate design with curves and elegant details. For boys, focus on essentials by choosing a simple design without much detail. Boys will like a study desk in a simple shape and a solid color like blue or red that will give them energy.

One of the best ideas for a cool study desk that will really please your child is to get an ordinary one and customize it the way your child wants. Customize your kid’s study desk according to his taste and according to the decorating style used in his bedroom; in this field, you can choose between a huge variety of motifs and themes like cartoon characters, cars, princesses, animals, sports…etc. Finally, because your child won’t stop growing, there are now desk models that provide changes in size according to the kid’s growth. These desk models are adjustable with boards that can be raised to make the desk longer.

Contemporary Bookcase Salamandre by Nonah

Bookcases don’t have to be in the boring, traditional, shelflike style that we are used to. Kids always get bored of traditional, old-styled furniture even when it comes with a modern touch. For a totally different, modern, fun, and cute style; check out this amazing bookcase “Salamndre by Nonah” that’s presented for kids and comes with an amazing design that all kids will love. This is a modular bookcase that includes several cabinets in various designs. The whole idea is really trendy and gives you separate cabinets to store different books, magazines, paper, and all your kid’s stuff. This bookcase can also be amazing for kids sharing the same room, because each one of them can take certain cabinets to be his, and this way your kids won’t fight and will feel a touch of privacy. All cabinets are attached to each other using great links, and cabinets are made of wood and have colored interior surfaces or can be colored from the exterior surface to give each cabinet a unique color and make it visibly differentiated. This bookcase is really amazing, and your kids will definitely love it.

Childrens Wall Stickers & Wall Decals

Personalize your little ones play and sleeping areas with their favorite theme, without the need for time consuming painting or costly wallpaper. In a shared room situation, emblazoning your children’s names above, or on, toy chests and beds provides individuality, and establishing clear zones may help to avoid sibling squabbles. Using stickers to add color and fun to key pieces of furniture could even make an old wardrobe, or plain crafting table, into a child friendly piece. Fill a plain wall with a special nursery rhyme, or highlight a cherished item with a sweet spray of flowers.

Get creative by allowing sticky characters to interact with elements of the room, make a headboard into a perch under a line of cute birds, or balance creatures above door fames, skirting boards and light switches. Try making your own artwork by applying them to card stock and framing, and let matching elements loose on the surrounding wall for a ‘picture come to life’ effect. Wipe clean stickers that emulate note pads are perfect for a teen’s room, they can jot down homework notes, or doodle love notes, and simply wipe clean for next week!