10 Inspiring Creative Workplaces

Your work environment directly influences your mood and ability to generate inspiration and creativity. Creative workplaces usually have interesting and visually stimulating elements throughout the space. Featured here are 10 creative workplaces that would succeed at inspiring any designer.


Sea and Sky

Designed by architectural trio Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune, Widlund House, located on the Swedish island of Öland in the Baltic sea, looks out onto a mesmerizing vista of everchanging blue sky and water. Built to withstand the often fierce weather — fogs and storms are common here — the house takes full advantage of the view while being a snug retreat when it clouds over. Inside, decor is minimal, keeping the focus firmly on the atmospheric surroundings.

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(photography by Åke E:son Lindman)

Bali Beauty

With its striking design and easy flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, the Bali, Indonesia home of Valentina Audrito and Abhishake Kumbhat and their two children showcases their work perfectly — in 2005 Valentina and Abhishake founded the Word of Mouth design group, where they create objects, clothes and accessories as well as designing commercial spaces (Valentina is an architect too). Fascinating mix of glam, traditional and modern.

More photos here at AT Casa.
(photography by morten holtum)

A World Apart

I admire the long term view of Dutch felt artist Paula Leen and her partner Kees Middendorp in the province of Friesland, 80 miles north of Amsterdam — they lived in their home for 16 years before they finally purchased and renovated it. The results are poetic and beautiful.

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(photography by hotze eisma)