Extraordinary Penthouse in Stockholm by Tailwind

Besides Humlegården, Tailwind has done this extraordinary penthouse of international standard with 261 sqm living space.

The owner has the possibility to extend the duplex portion of the apartment and that would give it a living space of 301 sqm. This apartment has been done in a minimalistic style of the highest standard and comes with 84 sqm of glass windows, 14 skylights, 5 dormers and a large balcony. The whole apartment has an open plan with 90 sqm of kitchen and living room, combined. It’s accessible through the elevator straight to the floor and directly to the right there is a modern staircase leading up to the second floor. Other than the open living room kitchen area there are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

The kitchen has cabinets designed by Antonio Citterio combined with appliances from Gaggenau. In the ceiling, spotlights from Flos has been hooked up as well as a built in speaker system from Lindh and all the floors are equipped with floor heating for a pleasant winter. The large living-room area with up to 6 meters to the ceiling and it has been fitted with a concrete fireplace. This extraordinary penthouse offers a spacious accommodation with a absolutely amazing view over Stockholms city rooftops.

VIA Skeppsholmen


Apartment Design Ideas by Robert Janevski in Skopje

Nothing could cheer you up more than a delightful home you live in; comfortable, practical and good looking. This design is a clear example of a delightful apartment in a small space. This apartment with a small space of only 45 m2 was smartly designed to contain a bedroom, a study room, a living room and a baby room. It is difficult in such a small space to create a family atmosphere, but the designer could successfully do that using colors in an excellent combination between light and warm; white color is dominating the floors and most of the walls which bring a light ambiance and make you feel that the space is larger. In the bedroom, warm brown gives an intimate feeling and matches beautifully with the lighting on top of the bed. To not occupy space, a TV is hanged on the wall. A large & practical bookcase is separating the bedroom from a study room which consists of only a small desk and a comfortable chair in pure white color to contrast with brown in the bedroom. A small dressing is hidden behind the large bookcase. Glass doors look awesome; the designer used them to separate rooms without reducing space, chic glass doors separate the study room from the relaxing room which combines a living or rest room with a baby nursery. This rest room is composed of a relaxing lounge chair, a beautiful storage cabinet and a baby cot in addition to some stylish wall shelves. Its green walls and white floors are making a magnificent harmony especially with white the chair, cot, shelves and brown storage unit.

Square Meter Apartment Interior Design Ideas

A smart designer is able to transform a very small space into a functional yet comfy one; check this practical design for a 40 square meter apartment, it may inspire you by some of its ideas. The most important place in this interior was the living room which was functionally furnished by a comfortable sofa and chair facing a practical unit taking the whole wall in a beautiful way; it is divided into a lot of shelves quite enough to accommodate all the living room stuff and many others and it looks so nice at the same time in a pure white color matching very well with purple used in the sofa and chair. Right behind the sofa there is a modern sliding door made of wood and matching with the wooden floor of the whole apartment, this door is separating the living room from the bedroom which occupies a small space but contains all you would need in a bedroom; a cozy bed, a large wardrobe and a mirror plus some other accessories as well. The 3 main colors used in this apartment are also used in the bedroom; wood in the wardrobe and floor, white in the walls and furniture and purple in the accessories. The kitchen is very practical and includes all necessary appliances such as the refrigerator, the oven, the microwave and the washing machine. It is also equipped with many large storage units, a sink and a dishwasher. In addition, the kitchen looks so stylish in a purple color which decorates the storage units and matches with the white countertops, stainless steel appliances and wooden floor. A beautiful glass partition separates the kitchen from the small dining table which is located right beside the living room wall unit; the dining table is so pretty and stylish although it is very small but its purple glass chair is adding a contemporary and fashionable look. The small space of the bathroom is excellently used; it is equipped by a shower cabinet, a toilet and a stylish washbasin installed on a useful storage cabinet. The bathroom has the same wooden look of the rest of the apartment.

Red & White Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Red and white colors will decorate your entire apartment interiors; whether the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and dining room with very stylish and modern decorating ideas. Red & white is a perfect combination to choose in designing your home interiors as white is a very pure and soft color to be applied in your entire apartment considering it as the main color and red is a very strong color to use to highlight important areas or the main places in each room. This color combination is much used in modern apartment décor, and so it is imperative for you to choose a modern furniture style in your home interior rooms. Now the important is how to diversify these two colors in each room. Let’s start with the living room, as shown; the main color is white painting all the walls so that you are free to choose your furniture in red like these two red sofas, red shag rug, red portrait and wall clock while letting the table black as it is and just choosing some storages to be colored in red. Going to the main bedroom, in most of the modern bedroom designs, as the wall back to the bed is the room key, you may like to paint it in red and no problem in using red bedding and getting a beautiful red vanity to complete the romantic bold look of the bedroom. The Dining room in this collection is all in white but I think if you used red chairs it will be an unbridled design. And finally with kitchens, it’s very common to use red and white in kitchens even if you didn’t use it in the entire apartment décor. All kitchen interfaces are red with identifying each storage edge with grey and its handles and you will be lucky if you buy your red fridge to match the attractive look. Of course if you want to add some furniture in red or maybe black, just ensure to go with this incredible red and white home interior decor.
Red & White Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Red & White Apartment Interior Design Ideas
Red & White Apartment Interior Design Ideas
Red & White Apartment Interior Design Ideas
Red & White Apartment Interior Design Ideas
Red & White Apartment Interior Design Ideas
Red & White Apartment Interior Design Ideas
Red & White Apartment Interior Design Ideas
Red & White Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Amazing White Compact Studio Apartment Design

There is nothing fresher than a brilliant white studio apartment, where sunlight is free to bounce off every wall, and every accessory color and furniture covering just works. Of course, a plain white apartment is always in danger of appearing either too bland or too fragmented with no cohesive color story to follow, so we’re looking at a few beautiful layouts that get it just right.

This compact studio apartment packs in an art collection propped along a picture ledge to breathe life into the laid-back lounge space.

The design supplies added interest in the bright white kitchen area with open shelving to display attractive kitchen paraphernalia and cookbooks.

A little sparkle goes a long way in adding a splash of glamour, and this modern chandelier finds a perfect central spot over the dining table.

This combined bedroom/bathroom is super sleek with its bold layout of centrally situated bathtub and twin basins.

Above 7 via Juraj Talcik
A combination of different textures adds depth to a continuous color palette.

Via 3D Arc Space
This white-based apartment creates a color story with cleverly spaced home accessories, such as throw cushions, wall paintings, floral arrangements and even fruit. The red choices really inject a lot of warmth into the otherwise cool hues, and bring an overall more vibrant finish.

Books color the scene in this home library backed open space, along with a complimenting rug.

Above 6 via Cyril Atmachidi

Eclectic Stockholm Apartment In A Mix Of Colors

Eclectic of styles always looks good if they mix well and don’t look abundant. This apartment in Stockholm is done in a mix of styles but it looks cozy and charming. The furniture is mid-century, there are some rustic and vintage pieces – have a look at this cute sideboard with a flower pattern. There are smart space-saving solutions like a big shelves system on the wall or drawers in the bed. The color scheme is light and very pleasant: the main color is white, there are some black and colorful touches like yellow or pink, they don’t overwhelm the look. Plants and flowers in blossom give a romantic touch and bring coziness to the space.

Source: nicety, husohem

Apartment in Sheridan/Kalorama by FORMA Design

In this 1000sf 2 bedroom one bath 5th floor flat in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, DC, the client- (himself an architect and avid scuba-diver)- asked FORMA to think out-of-the box; to create an open plan solution maximizing the natural light, improving on the layout and functionality of the space and creating the envelope to display his art collection and a way to share his underwater photography with his friends.

The result is a multi-functional entertainment area bathed in light, with the custom concrete fireplace surround flanked by sycamore millwork and a flat TV monitor for the scuba-diving slideshows on one end facing the matching concrete kitchen counters and sycamore upper cabinets in the kitchen area, turning the space from a series of smaller rooms into an open entertainment area.

The small Master Bedroom and second guest/study room were combined into a magnificent Master Bedroom/study suite, enjoyed by the client year round, that allows for the possibility of being subdivided into two private sleeping areas when a guest stays over. The project was published in TRENDS-Home & Renovation in the Fall of 2007 and received a Silver award for residential interior design from the International Interior Design Association (IIDA).

Via:  FORMA Design